Best web tools for developing mobile apps

With mobile devices of all kinds dominantly taking the place of old-school PCs, web developers are facing a huge challenge. All of these devices are now requiring a myriad of handy and functional applications, which opens a whole new field of work for software developers and web designers. All applications primarily constructed and released for the common computer are now being adjusted according to the traits and capacities of various mobile devices and many applications available out there are brand-new developed exclusively for cell phones and tables. You can always opt for one group of models and one particular OS, but this will significantly narrow down the target group of your potential clients. The best approach is based upon cross-platform application development programs that will construct the application adaptable on various devices. This ensures that your newly developed application will function properly when installed on various mobile devices. There are many of these web tools available out there and here are just a few quite reputable we’ve chosen to present.


This free, open source program is used for developing applications applicable to Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. It uses common languages for web development, including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and it provides a wide range of additional options. You can use it on Mac or Windows and explore its capacity by combining GPS, video and powerful sound options.


NativeScriptNativeScript is somewhat more complex and challenging, but impressively powerful web developing tool. It is cross-platform software for development of mobile devices applications, and it supports all OS’s, and it functions smoothly on wast majority of mobile devices. While working with this great web tool, you may use Java, CSS, Angular or TypeScript. The catch is that you will have to provide text editor and learn basics of command-line, but at the same time, you will have a wide range of various practical pluggings you can add and combine.


This great developing tool is an open-source, downloadable for free and quite versatile. It requires utilization of .NET or C#, but applications developed via this platform are adaptable to a cell phone, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It functions perfectly at all operating systems and enables developers to combine a huge number of additional functionalities.


Another free, open-source cross-platform designed for application development and it is aligned with Windows, Android, and iOS. Maneuvering this platform is impressively easy since it works on drop and drag system for organizing components of the application and commonly used language is JavaScript. If you’d rather switch to HTML, PHP or several other comprehensive languages, you should add Titanium Development Platform coming from the same source and widening the spectrum of targeted devices significantly. Appcelerator provides some powerful options for large scale of analytics and other rather useful calculations and directions navigating web development. The only potential drawback of this great platform is the existence of few powerful options that are currently not free. You will need to pay a certain amount of money to get complete access to these options.