Google Loves its baby….

Now we’re not talking about a baby like Once a Baby. It’s not just another social network… Google has added a social layer to the services we live with on a day to day basis. Google+ with more than 540 Million users is gradually becoming one of the most active social networking platforms. With Hangout Feature, Targeted Communities and search engine integration, this is the place for promoting your business.

Customized URL – A Business Page of Google+ can be customized by adding a banner or logo of the company. You can, also, adjust your URL address to integrates clear associations to your brand.

Targeted Posts – This platform offers flexibility to send posts/messages to only targeted people from the entire group of users who have joined your Google+ Page.


Impact on Search Engine Page Results –If you remember that every piece of content you upload and share via Google+ carries the potential to improve your search engine rating, you will be able to adjust and modify the content to take advantage of that. This is because every content posted here goes with a unique URL address. Since your Google+ Headline works as the Title Tag of the Post and gets displayed in the Google Search Results against the relevant keywords. A related Hash Tag (#) with your post can help in searching similar kind of content.

Multiple Administrators – The feature of Multiple administrators helps you relax and let others update the posts on your behalf.

Google Hangouts – Google provides free voice number integration, which allows the users to start a hangout by simply typing the mobile number of the other member. Google Hangouts allows us to place a conference/video chat with up to 10 participants.

Comments and Images – Google+ allows the users to share comments with their followers. This option allows you to post things to a specifically targeted group of your followers, excluding the rest of the list.Local Listing – Google+ lets the local business to link to Google+ page. This enables them to connect with customers via organic results as Google shows the location of local businesses on its search engine page only.

Review and Star Ratings – Reviews and Star Ratings posted on Google+ Page can be shown on Google Search Result Page which will automatically build trust among users and sets apart your Brand/Product/Service from other results of SERP.

A little investment of time and effort on this product of Google can remarkably impact your business!