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Now how to select a suitable Web Hosting plan? Before deciding upon a plan, it is imperative to understand the kind of service your website needs, the amount of traffic you are expecting to be on the website on a daily basis, the kind of server your business will need, your allocated budget, and type of services included in the offer.

Once you have the assessment on the above-mentioned in your head, here are the different types of Web Hosting services offered by us with round the clock support.

Shared Hosting

This is an affordable way of hosting your site. A shared server houses large number of websites simultaneously which means your website shares the physical server and software applications within the server, with other websites. If you expect higher user traffic, then this might not suit your needs in the long run. This comes with a round the clock support and server maintenance to ensure there is no downtime.

Dedicated Hosting

In this environment, you will have an entire server & its resources reserved and leased only for your website. You get a fast loading secure site which can accommodate huge amount of traffic. With these benefits, the cost of the entire server also comes into picture. We offer round the clock support with server maintenance on your behalf under this plan.

Virtual Private Server

This is a hybrid sort of arrangement where you can leverage a mixture of both the above options. This one grows with your website needs so that there is no flux situation for your online business and offers complete control over your virtual server. Wrapped up with this one comes round the clock support and server monitoring and maintenance.

Feel free to speak to us for a custom plan which will work best for your website needs.

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